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Shelter Island  $8,500 
RNN: 2023-L0063 Brand New!! Lovely new home on quiet street. Near beaches, shops and ...  more (# 2919)

Shelter Island  $8,000 
RRN: 2023-L-0053. SILVER BEACH: Lovingly restored home, on a quiet street, close to S...  more (# 2917)

Shelter Island  $14,000 
2023 L-0020 & L-0017. Menantic Creek Waterfront: Bring the whole family!! This 6 bedroom ...  more (# 2915)

Shelter Island  $24,000 
RRN: 2022-L-0203. CHASE CREEK COTTAGE IN THE HEIGHTS. This lovingly restored home is at the h...  more (# 2914)

Shelter Island  $22,000 
RRN: 2022-L-0120. Dickersonís Creek Waterfront: Views as far as the eye can see. This won...  more (# 2913)

Shelter Island  $15,000 
RRN: 2023-L0034. This lovely, light-filled, Scandinavian designed home has it all. Va...  more (# 2912)

Shelter Island  $25,000 
RN:2020-V-0009: WESTMORELAND WATERFRONT: This lovely, private, seaside home situated ...  more (# 2911)

Shelter Island  $15,000 
RRN:.2021-0725. Summer Time Revival. Close to everything!! Beautifully restored 1...  more (# 2910)

Shelter Island  $16,000 
RRN:2022-L-0088. Silver Beach Hide-A-Way. nestled in the dunes of Silver Beach this lovely ho...  more (# 2908)

Shelter Island  $1 
RRN: 2022-V-0013. SILVER BEACH. Private Shelter Island get-a-way. New, heated gunite ...  more (# 2907)

Sag Harbor  $16,500 
Sag Harbor, NY. Beautifully renovated seaside home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor ...  more (# 2905)

Shelter Island  $7,000 
RRN: 2022-L-0032. Wades Beach Contemporary. Three bedrooms, 2 baths, galley kitchen&#...  more (# 2904)

Shelter Island  $24,000 
RRN: 2021-L-114. HARBOR VIEW: Located in the Harbor View section of Shelter Island with priva...  more (# 2903)

Shelter Island  $12,000 
RRN:19-S-0022. Shelter Island Hide-Away. Amazing summer rental. Mid century restored ran...  more (# 2902)

Shelter Island  $18,000 
RRN: 2021-00-03. Shorewood Farms: French Country Farmhouse. Situated on a private acre...  more (# 2901)

Shelter Island  $10,000 
PN: 0402. GREENPORT, NY: Recently renovated farmhouse in a quiet neighborhood. 2 bedr...  more (# 2899)

Shelter Island  $15,000 
RRN: 2021-L-117: Shelter Island Heights. Located, location, location. This loving...  more (# 2898)

Shelter Island  $2,700 
RRN: 2023-L-0231: Shelter Island Summer Cottage. A lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1930íS cottag...  more (# 2894)

Shelter Island  $4,500 
RRN: 2022-L-0011. Wades Beach Hideway: Lovely two bedroom, 1.5 bath home on a very pr...  more (# 2892)

Shelter Island  $40,000 
RRN: 2023-L-0071. SILVER BEACH WATERFRONT: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, chefís kitchen. M...  more (# 2885)

Shelter Island  $12,000 
RRN: 2022-L-0017. PEPPERMILL LANE: Beautifully maintained log-cabin home with chefís kitchen&...  more (# 2882)

Shelter Island  $17,000 
RRN: 2021-I-29. LILY POND: Lovingly restored 1888 home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, chef...  more (# 2878)

Shelter Island  $21,000 
RRN: 2021-S-20. LILY POND: Beautifully renovated 1920ís farmhouse. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath...  more (# 2875)

Shelter Island  $10,000 
***Not available for summer 2023***RRN: 20-L-0002. SILVER BEACH: Beau...  more (# 2866)

Shelter Island  $11,500 
RRN: 2022-L-0061. SILVER BEACH: Located one block from pristine Crab Creek Beach this lovely ...  more (# 2854)

Shelter Island  $80,000 
RRN: 2022-L-006. WADES BEACH WATER VIEW: Chefís kitchen, large porch and decks, new h...  more (# 2848)

Shelter Island  $20,000 
RRN: 22-L-0034. DERING HARBOR WATERFRONT: This Majestic homes sits on over three acres of lan...  more (# 2844)

Shelter Island  $12,000 
RRN: 19-L-0119. GARDINERíS CREEK WATERFRONT: Lovingly restored waterfront home designed and b...  more (# 2841)

Shelter Island  $75,000 
WINDSWEPT: Waterfront modern beach house with sugar sandy beach, wonderful panoramic views, g...  more (# 2835)

Shelter Island  $15,000 
RRN: 2022-L-0037. MENANTIC CREEK WATERFRONT: Newly built home with gorgeous views of Menantic...  more (# 2828)

Shelter Island  $30,000 
RN:2023-L-0005. Newly renovated English Country Farmhouse from the 1900ís situated on six private...  more (# 2819)

Shelter Island  $10,000 
RRN: 2021-L-122: WADES BEACH CHARMER: Step back into 1700s Shelter Island while having the mo...  more (# 2818)

Shelter Island  $1,050 
RRN: 19-L-0012. FRESH POND: Magnificent waterfront home on Fresh Pond with three bedrooms...  more (# 2811)

Shelter Island  $1,025 
RRN: 19-L-0011. Menantic. Down a private lane this lovely 3 bedroom, 3 baths home overloo...  more (# 2810)

Shelter Island  $16,000 
RRN; 2021-L06: SHOREWOOD FARMS BEACH HOUSE: Beautiful home in the estate section of Shorewood Far...  more (# 2801)

Shelter Island  $4,500 
RRN: 2022-L-0073. Classic Heights Cottage Two bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, fireplac...  more (# 2799)

Shelter Island  $17,000 
RRN: 20-L-0011. MENANTIC WATERFRONT: Grand Waterfront Compound. This historic estate prov...  more (# 2790)

Shelter Island  $15,000 
RRN:021-L-020. SILVER BEACH: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, screened in porch, fireplace...  more (# 2781)

Shelter Island  $25,000 
RRN: Stearnís Point: located two blocks from Crescent Beach this quintessential summer farmh...  more (# 2769)

Shelter Island  $18,375 
RRN: 20-L-0004: ď180 degree views of Crescent / Sunset Beach, the Shelter Island Sound...  more (# 2765)

Shelter Island  $15,000 
RRN: 19-L-0013. Ram Island Waterfront: Beautiful water views of Gardinerís. Lovely sandy ...  more (# 2755)

Shelter Island Heights  $12,000 
RRN: 20-L-0049. THE HEIGHTS: Beautifully restored classic Shelter Island Heights Victorian...  more (# 2752)

Shelter Island  $8,000 
RRN: 19-L-0127. SYLVESTER FARMHOUSE: Beautifully renovated farmhouse with many upgrades. ...  more (# 2729)

Shelter Island  $40,000 
RRN:2022-L-0007. BIG RAM ISLAND:Lovely three bedroom two bath home with newly renovated kitch...  more (# 2724)

Shelter Island  $29,000 
RRN 19L-0025. Menantic Creek. This charmingly former Albert Smith "corn-crib" turned su...  more (# 2696)

Shelter Island  $24,000 
RRN: 2022-L-0047: RENTED TILL MAY 2023. AVAILABLE FOR SUMMER 2023. Hilo Shores. Water...  more (# 2692)

Shelter Island  $8,000 
Silver Beach contemporary, on large private lot. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, central AC...  more (# 2685)

Shelter Island  $17,000 
RRN: 19-L-0098. SILVER BEACH. Three bedroom, 2 and 1/2 baths, living room, fa...  more (# 2664)

Shelter Island  $35,000 
RRN: 2022-L-0053: WADES BEACH: With an airy and beachy feeling, this house has an open li...  more (# 2663)

Shelter Island  $55,000 
RN 2022-L-0109: HEIGHTS WATERFRONT. Located in Shelter Island Heights, overlooking Dering Har...  more (# 2604)

Shelter Island  $10,000 
RRN: 22-L-0012. ON GOLDEN POND: This beautiful home located on a private setting on Golden Po...  more (# 2603)

Shelter Island  $3,750 
THE HEIGHTS: Incredible charm in a Shelter Island Heights Carpenter Gothic Cottage. Renovated to...  more (# 2577)

Shelter Island  $25,000 
RRN: 22-1-105: SILVER BEACH WATERFRONT HIDEAWAY on two very private acres. Your own sandy be...  more (# 2562)

Shelter Island  $10,000 
West Neck Water view cottage. This cozy cottage has 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, kitchen, liv...  more (# 2542)

Shelter Island  $24,000 
RRN: 19-L-0090. COECLES HARBOR: Beautifully renovated farm house from a bygone era. Close...  more (# 2522)

Shelter Island  $18,000 
RRN: 2022-L-0021. Built in 1740 and said to be one of Shelter Islandís oldest homes on Shelter Is...  more (# 2521)

Shelter Island  $15,000 
RRN:20-L-0047. HAY BEACH: Newly renovated baths and kitchen on quiet street. Close to pop...  more (# 2504)

Shelter Island  $19,000 
RRN: 2023-L-0061. FRESH POND/WADES BEACH: Lovely 3 Bedrooms and 2 bath home with brick pa...  more (# 2492)


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